Aims to become a world class of small and medium-sized aviation engine supplier...


Southern China Aviation Industry Aviation Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1951, affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation, is a national "First Five" during one of 156 key projects and the first six aviation companies. Company is located in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, Lu Song District, covers an area of 5.5 square kilometers, the total assets of $ 6.3 billion, more than 7400 employees……

In Jun 2009,Wen Jia Bao came to the factory In November 7, 2008  , Hunan Province Qiang Zhou ,visited the company  In October 30, 2008, Group party secretary, general manager Lin Zuo Ming On May 27 ,2008, Zhang Chun Xian, secretary of Hunan provincial committee, came to the factory Huang Ju visited the company in Mar 2004. Wu Bangguo in July, 1997 (vice premier of State Department) Li Tieying visited the company inJune, 1993 Zhu Rongji, vice premier of State Department visited the factory in April, 1993 Jiang Zenmin came to  Southern Company in March, 1991 Wang Zhen, vice premier of State Department visited in April 1978 In Mar1963, marshal Ye Jianying came to the factory In March 1961, Deng Xiaoping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Yang Shangkun, Secretary of secretariat visited the factory In May 1960 , marshal He Long came to the factory In 1959, Secretary Hu Yaobang came to the factory In Jul1959 , Peng Dehuai came to the factory In Mar 1959 commissioner Zhu De came to the factory In Feb 1959, vice president Dong Biwu, marshal Luo Rongheng and Nie Rongzhen came to the factory In Mar1957, Commissioner Liu Shaoqi visited the factory In.Oct 1954, President Mao signed Letter of Praise and Encourage

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